Bloxwaatchh is the creator of the game we all know for hackers, Bloxwatch Official HQ. I was looking for answers of who he\she really is, when i found a solution. I go to the BloxWatch page and click on their name... As you see below, it says; "Page cannot be found or no longer exists." I know you are all saying, "Why is this on the Roblox Myths page? This just means they deleted their account!" I know. But... What if I told you, this page was deleted on March 18th, the day we all know John and Jane Doe strike and hack Roblox accounts all over the world....

If you wanna play Blox Watch :3

Screenshot 2019-07-20 at 1.03.27 AM

Page cannot be found sign, (i couldn't screenshot in roblox so i looked it up, sorry for the inconvenience.)

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